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Therapeutic healing and bonding sessions

Real Talk with Men is a support group transmasculine individuals we discuss topics that address hiv/prevention and sexual health, general health,transition related health, and holistic wellness and healing.

Looking back and beyond

Looking Back and Beyond concentrates on making sure individuals inside of prisons and jails are mentored and learn to advocate for themselves . Once released wrap around linkage is referred. Workshops are conducted that provides anti-violence and domestic violence programming. 

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Game Changing

GCM workshops aims to end violence that is harmful and directed at the trans community from ignorance and hatred. They include a range of topics like trans 101, inclusiveness in programming for domestic violence, anti-violence, toxic masculinity. 

Game Changing Men DV IVP Transformational Support

Certified GA Program tailored for male identified people. Classes Thursday 6:30-8pm EST

Supportive Friend

Game Changing Getaway

Annual yearly retreat for transmasculine individual

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