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Real Talk on the Road: Sex,Stigma, and Sexuality


Real Talk on the Road: Sex,Stigma, and Sexuality

From June 9th to November 4th of 2023, Game Changing Men led the “Real Talk on the Road: Sex, Stigma, and Sexuality” series to address and mitigate the stigma surrounding sexual and
reproductive health issues within the trans masculine community. GCM completed a tour across 11 states in the Southeast region, distributing surveys and conducting in-depth focus group discussions to explore the sexual and reproductive health outlooks of African American trans men/masc.


The insights gained from this series illustrates the urgent need to integrate the voices and lived experiences of trans men/masc individuals into the fabric of sexual and reproductive health services. This
integration necessitates a nuanced approach that acknowledges and addresses the unique experiences of this group. It calls for a comprehensive strategy that emphasizes proactive outreach, enhanced provider education, and the creation of affirming and inclusive healthcare environments. 


Game Changing Men 2023 Report.

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