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Looking Back And Beyond

Striving For Criminal Reform

Striving For Criminal Reform

Game Changing Men's Looking Back and Beyond is dedicated to creating safe and supportive spaces for transmasculine individuals who are incarcerated. We provide mentorship, resources, and support to help our members navigate the legal system and advocate for their health and safety. 

Our board is comprised of men of color who have personally experienced the injustices of the criminal justice system. It's because of these injustices that we've made it our goal is to ensure that these individuals receive all of the necessary medical and legal services they require while they are in prison and upon their release. We want to empower members of our community to be able to advocate for themselves, their health, and their freedom in a system which continues to thrive off of the marginalization of our people.

As part of our programming, Game Changing Men also offers resources upon release, such as wrap-around linkage and workshops which provide anti-interpersonal violence programming.

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