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Quinton Reynolds

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Quinton Reynolds

Quinton Reynolds is currently the Founder and Executive Director for Game Changing Men and Founder and Lead Consultant for Quinton Reynolds Consulting. His work with Game Changing Men focuses on erasing stigmas and barriers for the progression of black (transmasculine) men in society, by addressing toxic masculinities and promoting health to end violence and ensure the safety and wellness for communities of color.Through story sharing, practicing collective care ,group activities for bonding,and providing tools and resources to strengthen marginalized communities.Through his work as a consultant with Quinton Reynolds Consulting focuses on "Establishing Equity Tailor-Made" to everyone we touch.Quinton Reynolds Consulting tailors services to meet our clients goals in digital design ,marketing, training ,and program development using over 5yrs of expertise in graphic and media design.Mr. Reynolds is a student at Georgia State University where he is a business major with a concentration in Identity, Race, Gender, and Culture economic strategies.  

His passion for organizing began while he was incarcerated. During that time he was able to

use policies to navigate inside of prison and advocate for himself then other transmen. He began leading a support group for a group of 6 transmen.  Since his release from prison Mr Reynolds has passionately  been an advocate and activist for criminal justice reform , re-entry services, and advocating for the second chances of formerly incarcerated  Afab and trans masculine folk. ,while being a staunch advocate for the release of wrongfully and currently incarcerated transmasculine and Afab folk.


His focus and vision for Game Changing Men to center the healing and progression in black men in society. By building intentional bonds and partnerships that continue to challenge cultural norms and provide resources and tools to bridge gaps in service agencies and communities. 

In his daily life Mr. Reynolds uses his platform to address issues such as trans competence for incarcerated individuals,sexual health and inclusiveness,while using a holistic and harm reductive approach to ending violence ,toxic masculinity in communities, and topics that focus on issues and barriers that hinder the growth and development of the transgender and non binary community.


Mr.Reynolds passion for his community has led him to become a public educator, advocate , volunteer, and an intentional advocate for Black Trans Women and folk where he has sat on panels at national conferences for topics like HIV prevention,Civic engagement, and Restorative Justice. Mr. Reynolds currently sits on the board of directors for the Trans Women of Color Healing Project in Newnan, Georgia where his goal is to help combat the erasure of the lives ,existence ,and narratives of Trans women of Color communities and their contributions to society.


As an African American man of trans experience Mr.Reynolds advocates for the affirming care and inclusiveness for the TGNC community with a special focus on AFAB individuals and BIPOC.


Mr.Reynolds mantra is ( If you fail to plan,your planning to Fail)

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